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LACOSTE has always been synonymous with easy elegance. With its pure sports descent, today's LACOSTE symbolizes a comfortable, elegant attitude to life, unique design and high-quality products cover men's, women's and children's wear. In the 114 countries worldwide LACOSTE featured sales network, the average per second there are two LACOSTE goods through the LACOSTE stores, shopping malls counters or network franchise stores sold. Lacoste official flagship store as a pioneer of the new generation of brands, represents a young attitude, vibrant style of dress. Combined with classic elements of LACOSTE and street art, maverick, full of personality. LACOSTE will retro and new music elements into the POLO shirt, jeans and sports jackets, cut more Slim, young and stylish. Retro nostalgia and street elements of the collision, bringing a new fashion attitude and color mix of the wave. Fun classic, re-creation of fashion, fashion avant-garde set off the campus style. The "Unconventional Chic" brand spirit in the end. Regardless of day and night, can be heart dress.

LACOSTE "French crocodile" logo is left chest embroidered green crocodile t-shirt. So far, from the initial development of knitted apparel brand up to the product line: sportswear, sports shoes, leather goods, watches, glasses, crocodile shoes are men's favorite brands, where to share.

Lacoste Outlet Select leather: good quality smooth shoes, grain size uniform, smooth and detailed, no wrinkles and scars; brightness, color uniformity, bright color, bright, no shading and shades of the phenomenon. Press the skin with your fingers, there wrinkles even small, release your fingers, the fine lines disappear; soft hand feeling soft, flexible, not stiff, and uniform thickness of the leather moderate. Good quality of the negative shoes, the surface of the villi soft, uniform, consistent color, long fiber and oil spots stains, no obvious wrinkles and scars, touch the same feeling and smooth shoes.

Sole: good quality leather soles, the surface smooth and bright, uniform color, no oil spots, stains and scars, uniform thickness; with your fingers, the sound crisp, hand feeling very solid. Good quality gel soles, smooth surface, neat patterns, the edges and corners of each pattern should be clear and complete. From the side, uniform and detailed no impurities, no size of the organization of particles, no uneven thickness; hand touch, should have good toughness and elasticity.

Lacoste UK Size: The selection of dress shoes to the principle of comfort. Generally speaking, the width to the foot when the force can be fully extended as well; the length of the toes do not clip is not the top, walking shoes when the foot is not good for sliding. In addition, the time to buy casual shoes have stress. People in the afternoon due to a slight swelling of the foot, at this time the size of the appropriate purchase shoes; if in the morning test shoes, you should leave a margin, not to wear a long time crowded feet.

Lacoste Shoes Breathability: Dress leather shoes in the permeability of the worst. General natural leather shoes permeability is better, especially pig leather is the best, because the pig skin pores than crude leather pores several times, the pores are also much larger, sweat easily discharged. But not as good as leather leather beautiful. When choosing those who have the choice of casual shoes.

Lacoste Appearance: In addition to the selection of your favorite style, the need to pay attention to whether the needle stitching uniform, two shoes are completely symmetrical. And then the toes towards their own, flat on the counter to see the soles of the soles of the forefoot and the counter is in the forefoot center of the contact point position. If the deviation, prone to wear in the feet side, resulting in shoe deformation.

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